Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA)

What is the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) and how does this help me to transfer?

The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) ensures that all 90 of your Associate of Arts (AA–DTA) or Associate of Science (AS–DTA) degree credits will transfer to many four–year colleges and universities in Washington State and gives you priority consideration in the admissions process.

Students with a DTA degree will be considered as satisfying most, if not all, of their lower division general education requirements for the four–year college and university. In some cases, admission is guaranteed with a minimum GPA. It is best to meet with a Seattle Central advisor to determine which degree works best for your educational goals, and what is required for each participating institution.

What is the Direct Transfer Agreement / Major Related Program (DTA / MRP)?

The Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (DTA/MRP) prepares students to enter a particular major upon transferring. Students complete 90 credits and transfer as a junior. It has the same benefits as the DTA.

The cumulative grade point average (GPA) may be higher for some majors. Consult with a Seattle Central advisor and the university you plan to attend.

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