Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The spectrum of psychology is broad and encompasses academic fields such as cognitive psychology, behavioral neuroscience, health psychology, counseling/clinical psychology, sport psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology.

The mission of the Psychology Department is to provide our students with up–to–date knowledge, understanding, and interest in psychology, and facilitate students' critical and creative thinking about human diversity, behavior, thoughts, and emotions. We develop courses to fulfill the educational needs of students who are pursuing a wide variety of degrees and careers, including the A.A./A.S degree, four–year college transfer, and Allied Health professional programs.

Psychology Courses Offered

  • General Psychology
  • Lifespan Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Survey of Physiological Psychology
  • Fundamental of Psychological Research
  • Psychology of Human Relations
  • Social Psychology
  • Psychology of African–Americans
  • Psychology of Gender
  • Psychology of Racism

Career Possibilities: The field of psychology opens many career opportunities for students. For more information visit "Careers in Psychology" at O*NET.

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Krystle Balhan
Illinois Wesleyan University, B.A.
Colorado State University, Ph.D.
Charles Jeffreys, Jr.
Tennessee State University, Experimental Psychology, B.A.
Antioch University, Developmental Research Psychology, M.A.
Kelsey Tyler
Antioch University, B.A.
Antioch University, Psychology, M.A

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