Philosophy – Learning Outcomes

Most students who take courses in the Philosophy earn credit in the Individuals, Cultures, and Societies (ICS) area of knowledge for the AA degree by understanding the nature of the individual and the relationship between the self and the community. Students who take the Intro to Logic course earn Qualitative and Symbolic Reasoning (QSR) credit by mastering modes of symbolic thinking.

Depending on the course taken, students who complete Philosophy courses satisfy critical thinking, creative thinking, and/or ethical reasoning outcomes for the AA degree as they

  • explore issues, ideas, phenomena, and artifacts to define problems or to formulate hypotheses
  • analyze evidence to formulate an opinion, identify strategies, develop and implement solutions, evaluate outcomes, and/or draw conclusions
  • synthesize existing ideas, images, or expertise in original ways
  • examine, assess, and articulate core beliefs and values
  • apply knowledge to analyze and evaluate complex ethical situations from various perspectives

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