Seattle Central College is not currently admitting students into the Opticianry program. Learn more about other healthcare education opportunities offered through our Allied Health Division and the Seattle Vocational Institute, or contact for more information.

Opticianry Licensed Dispensing (AAS) Program Overview

Seattle Central offers the only accredited associate degree program in Opticianry on the West Coast. In just two years, a student can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Opticianry and join a profession that offers solid career opportunities.

The Opticianry Program now offers online hybrid courses to provide students with more flexible training. Through the hybrid format, all lecture courses are available online, and lab course sections have been extended to reduce the number of days students are required to be on campus. This hybrid structure makes the program more accessible if you are unable to attend school full–time or if you live outside of Seattle.

Hands–On Optical Training in a Retail Shop

Campus Optical at Seattle CentralOur Optical students receive hands–on training to learn how to help others see more clearly. Graduates will be qualified to work directly with customers in a professional setting. Learn how to fill prescriptions, fabricate lenses, maintain records, order supplies, and submit insurance claims.

To help prepare students for the marketing side of the business, our Opticianry program operates a retail store on campus that is also open to the public.

Let us help you see your best. We offer thorough eye exams and premium lenses plus modern frames for every face. We can also help repair or adjustment your glasses. The products we available through Campus Optical include lenses and frames, contact lenses, polarized lenses, transition lenses and RX sunglasses.

Seattle Central faculty, staff and students receive a 20% discount on products and services.

Campus Optical is student staffed and managed by a Washington State Licensed Dispensing Optician.

For information about services and hours, please call 206.934.5440.

AAS Degree, 127 Credits, 46 in related instruction, 81 in major

Students can begin the Opticianry program in the fall and winter quarters only; work on related instruction can begin any quarter.

Areas of Study

  • Ophthalmic theory
  • Ocular anatomy & physiology
  • Contact lens technology
  • Bench work procedures
  • Psychology of human relations
  • Personnel management
  • Ophthalmic dispensing

Positive Job Growth

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be a 29 percent job growth rate in this profession by 2020. Seattle Central graduates immediately move into positions in both the clinical and retail sectors. It is a portable career that will follow the Central graduate wherever he/she goes.

Careers in Opticianry

Many graduates work for ophthalmologists or optometrists who sell eyewear directly to patients. Others work for optical stores and retail outlets where clients receive eye exams, select frames and wait for glasses to be made on the premises. Some have opened their own retail establishments. According to a salary tracking online service, opticians make a comfortable living wage in Washington State.

Optical Graduates

  • Sit for the Washington State Licensing examination, required to practice in Washington State.
  • Are qualified to work as licensed dispensing opticians or sales representatives in the eye care field.

State Board Pass Rates

Year Student pass rate Overall state pass rate
2012 82% 44%
2013 88% 45%
2014 93.3% 56%
2015 100% 41%

Contact Information

The School of Opticianry
Allied Health Division
Seattle Central College
1701 Broadway, Room 2124
Seattle, WA 98122
206.934.3812 206.934.3812

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