The English department offers courses in literature, creative writing, composition and developmental English. The department also supports the Integrated Studies program and the Writing Center at Seattle Central. Strong reading and writing skills are invaluable as you continue your education and crucial to almost any career path you may be considering. The ability to write well remains a hallmark of higher education. Writing clearly and effectively continues to distinguish candidates for jobs and to contribute to democracy and the common good.

Some English courses transfer as specific English courses and some as general arts and humanities credits. Choose from classes in literature, film, composition, grammar, creative writing, technical writing, or integrated studies.

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Studying literature is an excellent way to understand the world and the individual's relationship with it. There are many ways to deepen your appreciation of literature. Study a genre–fiction, poetry, or drama. Take a survey course covering a century or more of British, American, or World literature. Deepen your understanding of the literature of specific cultures–African American, Asian American, or more generally American culture. Study children's literature, literature by women, the great works of Shakespeare, or masterworks of U.S. culture. Explore the work of authors from around the world, past to present.

Creative Writing

Whether you intend to develop a career such as journalism or communications which depends on the skills to be developed through creative writing or simply seek to improve your fiction, poetry, drama, and essays, you can take courses that will help you practice the elements of the craft. Read, analyze, and discuss others' work to help you create your own. Give and receive feedback to develop a stronger sense of a writing community and your ability to practice writing.

Composition & Developmental English

During their course of studies almost all students encounter the English department through composition courses. You'll be placed into the appropriate level English composition course by the Compass Placement Exam.

Supportive pre–college English classes provide skills in reading, writing, and grammar for those who need help in successfully transitioning to college–level work. Developmental or pre–college classes are usually offered as a 2–course/10–credit block to increase the amount of time students have to develop the strong writing and reading skills that are absolutely essential to student success.

English 101 is required for virtually every degree and certificate program. The study of English composition includes understanding and analyzing a variety of texts, demonstrating critical thinking through various forms of written expression, and writing for particular audiences and purposes.

English 101 also serves as a prerequisite for English 102, necessary to transfer for a four–year degree. In English 102 you learn to write from research, writing academic research essays that depend as much upon the sources you find and analyze as they do your own analytical skills.

Contact Advising for all equivalency, prerequisite, and transfer questions such as if a writing/English course taken at another college fulfills your English 101 course requirement or if you meet the prerequisites to take English 102.

See the Testing Center for all questions about placing into an English class, such as taking, retaking or challenging the placement exam, or using your ACT, SAT, TOEFL, Asset or Accuplacer scores instead of COMPASS scores.

Integrated Studies

Integrated studies include a variety of learning forms and courses and can be used to fulfill literature or composition requirements for your degree or program. These Integrated Studies can range from 10 or 15 credits for fully integrated combined courses called Coordinated Studies Programs to assignments that are shared or linked between two or more courses courses. Check in the course schedule under CSP.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center supports students and faculty by providing one–on–one tutoring in all phases and aspects of writing, including workshops on grammar, writing, and research, and help with personal statements and applications. Bring a hard copy of your work with you to the Center when you go. The Writing Center is located inside the library, in Classroom A.

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