Apparel Design & Development Program Overview

The School of Apparel Design & Development at Seattle Central is highly reputed as the most technically oriented design program in the region and as a center of innovative and creative learning. The curriculum is aligned to industry trends to provide relevant knowledge and skills for entry level employment in apparel design and development.

The school's technical focus is enhanced by a strong creative design component. Courses highlight apparel manufacturing from concept to production including ready–to–wear and custom construction; production patternmaking; pattern grading, and line development.

The school also offers comprehensive courses in computer applications, design, color and textiles, fashion history, business practices, and portfolio and resume development. Practical work experience is an integrated component of the curriculum.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree, 95 Credits

  • Students may begin in fall quarter only; work on prerequisites can begin any quarter.
  • Apparel Design and Development is a good fit if you have an eye for detail, spatial and design sense, plus good time–management and problem–solving skills.
  • Areas of study cover the creative and technical aspects of apparel design and development including manufacturing, construction, patternmaking, specification development, computer aided design technology, color and textiles, fashion history and business.
  • Job titles include assistant designer, spec and fit technician, patternmaker, pattern grader, product engineer and technical artist.

Career Opportunities

A student successfully completing this program will have the skills necessary for entry–level positions such as an assistant designer, product development technician, stylist, patternmaker, pattern grader, sample maker, technical artist, alterations or custom designer.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are conducted each quarter so students interested in this program can meet faculty and learn more about the program. Please call 206.934.4164 for a schedule of information sessions for this program.

Contact Information

School of Apparel Design and Development
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Division
Seattle Central College
1701 Broadway, Room BE4128
Seattle, WA 98122
206.934.4164 206.934.4164

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