As an employee of Seattle Central College you will need a password to access various applications.

Email (faculty, staff, students), Student Computer Logins, and Citrix (faculty, staff)

Your initial password is set when you initialize at

If you forget your password (Citrix AND email – remember, they're the same now), all you need in order to reset are your SID and PIN, and a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

Just navigate to:

You'll see a bar with 4 buttons along the top.

EAD Tools

The second, orange button is "Reset Password". Click it, and you'll be taken to the next screen, which looks like this:

Reset Password


You have access to Wi–Fi by using your wireless enabled device. Look at the available wireless networks and connect to "SCC". The Wi–Fi password changes quarterly. It will be posted in public areas and in class rooms. Or call NEED at 206.934.6333.


If access to the HP is required for your job, the District office will create an account for you to access the HP and a password will be generated and emailed to you. If you have trouble accessing or logging into the HP call the District helpdesk to have your password reset. District helpdesk phone number is 206.934.4128.

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