Citrix: Copying Your Files

This document provides directions on how to access and download your files from your local desktop. You may need to improvise and modify the instructions to tailor the path to the files you'd like to transfer on your computer.

Upon logging into Citrix, you will receive a "Your virtual desktop is attempting to access your local files" message. At this screen, select Read/Write access.

  1. In order to download files from your local desktop, open up your My Documents folder, and in the address bar type in "V:\Users"
  2. At this point, you can see the different users on your computer. Select your user. You can now choose Desktop.
  3. After selecting desktop, the files that appear are the files that are on your local desktop. You can now copy them to your Citrix by dragging and dropping them to whichever folder you'd like to place them in.

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