Dates & Deadlines

Students must complete Steps 1–5 of the Financial Aid Application Process by the following deadline dates:

2014–2015 deadlines

Deadline Date
Priority deadline March 14, 2014
Fall quarter 2014 July 10, 2014
Winter quarter 2015 November 14, 2014
Spring quarter 2015 February 13, 2015
Summer quarter 2015 May 8, 2015

Try to meet priority deadline

To receive maximum consideration for financial aid funding for 2014–2015, you must complete steps 1–5 of the application process by the March 14, 2014 priority deadline. All other deadlines are on a funds available basis.

2015 summer quarter Financial Aid

If you plan to attend summer quarter 2015 and would like to be considered for financial aid, you must complete and submit a Summer quarter supplemental Financial Aid Application to the Financial Aid Office. These applications will be available beginning April 17, 2015.

To ensure on time file completion, submit your FAFSA two months prior to the deadline date.

Note: Meeting the deadline date does not guarantee you will receive aid. If you drop from full–time to less than full–time with in the first five class days, without replacing credits, you will owe a repayment.

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