Facilities Operations & Management Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Facilities Operations & Management Advisory Committee (FOMAC) is to provide a multi–disciplinary review team leading to recommendations regarding facilities and operations issues.

The committee will provide guidance to the Director of Facilities and Plant Operations to ensure that the high level activities and processes of the Facilities department are aligned with the strategic priorities of the college and result in smooth functioning of attractive and efficient facilities.

Typical tasks include the following:

  1. Review Space Requests and make recommendations regarding allocation of space.
  2. Review minor project requests and make recommendations regarding resource allocations.
  3. Review "Requests for Qualifications" and act as a selection team for design consultants.
  4. Review and make recommendations regarding renovation, remodeling and other capital projects affecting the main campus and branch campus facilities and systems.
  5. As requested by Administration, review and make recommendations regarding property acquisition, development, and sale.

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