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Adult Basic Education / ESL

Fran Kato
ABE/ESL, Basic & Transitional Studies, GED® Prep & High School Completion

Claire Makins
Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (IBEST)

Bachelor of Applied Science

Melissa Martinez
Social and Human Service Professions

Allied Health Office
Dental Hygiene and Respitory Care

Career Training (in program)

Michele Dela Rosa
Applications Support, Information Technology

Arnold Hammie
Seattle Maritime Academy & Marine Technology

Fran Kato
Apparel Design & Development, Culinary Arts, Specialty Desserts & Breads

Kimberly McRae
Allied Health, Child & Family Studies, Social and Human Services

Yvonne Willis
Child & Family Studies, Social & Human Services

Dale Zeretzke
Business Information Technology, Graphic Design, Photography, Wood Construction

Ali Scego
Workforce Receiving Funding, Student Support Services, Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET), Opportunity Grant, WorkFirst, Worker Retraining

Career Training (pre-program)

Advising Office
Prerequisite courses for workforce professional technical certificate and degree programs

College Transfer

Advising Office
Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), Associate of Business (A.B.)

Michele Dela Rosa
Science and Math

Lori Ann Miller
Humanities & Social Sciences

First generation and low–income transfer students


IEP Office

Running Start

Maki Hosoda


Advising Office

Arnold Hammie

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