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Do you have Dreamer or undocumented students coming to you with questions? There are many ways that you can offer support, including:

  • Guiding students to the resources on this webpage
  • Informing students working on a DACA application that they can request an attendance verification letter from the Admissions Office, BE1104
  • Reviewing scholarship essays and assist with finding scholarships for which Dreamer students are eligible
  • Keep Dreamer student's undocumented status 100% confidential
  • Connect with a Dreamer Taskforce member

Visit these resources for more information:

Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) A San Francisco–based non–profit organization that empowers undocumented young people to pursue their dreams of college, career and citizenship in the United States. They address the holistic needs of undocumented young people through direct support, leadership development, community outreach and advocacy.

Latino Educational Achievement Project (LEAP) Started in 1998 to improve academic achievement of Latino students. LEAP offers services such as an annual educational conference and legislative day, student leadership forums and public education workshops for parents, students and educators. LEAP is a tax–exempt, non–profit organization in Washington State.

College Guide for Undocumented Students Learn facts about the path to citizenship, how to overcome obstacles and know your rights as an undocumented student, searching for and selecting colleges, applying for college, financial aid and more.

Washington Dream Coalition A grassroots youth movement of undocumented immigrants and allies in the state of Washington who raise awareness and build support to push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the DREAM Act.

St. James Immigrant Assistance Services Non–profit organization in Seattle's First Hill neighborhood. They provide Citizenship application assistance, DACA and DAPA application assistance, Citizenship classes and Naturalization classes.

"Improving Higher Education Opportunities for Undocumented Students" PDF pamphlet created by the Washington State Educational Access Coalition for HB 1079 Students.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Connect with Dreamer resources, workshops, community presentations and legal clinics for individuals interested in DACA.

Additional Resources

Legal Services

Asian Counseling and Referral Service
Provides immigration service assistance and adult mental health based on eligibility.
Address: 3639 MLK Jr Way S, Seattle, WA, 98144
Phone: 206.695.7578

Colectiva Legal del Pueblo
Provide legal assistance and advice on immigration.
Address: 201 SW 153rd St., Burien, WA 98166
Phone: 206.931.1514

Columbia Legal Services
Address: 101 Yesler Way, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206.464.1122

Horn of Africa Services
Serves the East African immigrant communities with immigration, housing, utilities, and other social services.
Address: 4714 Rainier Ave S, Suite 105, Seattle, WA, 98118
Phone: 206.760.0550

Immigration Law Help
Search engine for legal services.

Immigration Legal Clinic
Provide legal advice for civil legal issues, summons and requests.
Address: 2208 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA, 98121
Phone: 206.587.4009

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP)
Provides legal assistance & advice on immigration.
Address: 615 2nd Ave, Suite 400, Seattle, WA, 98104
Phone: 206.587.4009

Northwest Justice Project
Address: 401 Second Avenue S, Suite 407, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206.464.1519 or 1.888.201.1012

Southwest Youth & Family Services
Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy
Counseling center and family advocacy group assistance of medical, legal, immigration, and school systems.
Address: 4555 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA, 98106
Phone: 206.937.7680

Community Centers

El Centro de la Raza
Address: 2524 16th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144
Phone: 206.957.4634

Mental Health

City University Community Counseling Center
Address: 521 Wall St, Suite 100, Seattle, WA, 98121
Phone: 206.239.4760

International Counseling & Community Services (ICCS)
Address: 115 NE 100th Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98125
Phone: 206.816.3253

Northwest Health & Human Rights (NWHHR)
Phone: 206.816.3230

Pathways Counseling
Phone: 425.412.2360

Additional Resources

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Washington State Office of the Attorney General Guidance Concerning Immigration Enforcement

ACLU Know Your Rights: Stopped by Police, Immigration Agents or FBI

United We Dream: Wellness and Mental Health Guide
Web: Guide (pdf)

Education and Career Preparation

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