Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is intended to inform students about Seattle Central's couseling services.

What services do counselors provide?

Counselors provide academic, career, and short term personal counseling. They also teach classes and workshops in student success and study skills strategies, leadership, and human development.

Common concerns students have when they seek counseling?

Students come to counseling for assistance with major life transitions, stress reduction, crisis intervention, identifying skills, abilities and interests, academic goals and job search skills. Counselors also conduct information sessions regarding the workforce training programs at Seattle Central and assess student placement and entrance into programs.

Are counselors professionally trained?

Yes. Each counselor has a master's degree or doctorate degree in counseling, psychology, or social work and has completed a supervised counseling practicum.

How do I know which counselor to see?

Counselors are assigned to Divisions and Programs. Go to the Counselor Contact page to find your counselor.

How do I make an appointment with a counselor or find out when drop–in hours are available?

Click on the name of your counselor from the Counselor Contact page to find out how to schedule an appointment or when drop-in hours are available. Drop–in hours vary from counselor to counselor and from week to week.

Is counseling confidential?

Yes. The information you share in counseling is held in strict confidentiality except under very specific situations. Counselors have a legal obligation to release information if your communication reveals contemplation of committing a crime or a harmful act to yourself or someone else; when information shared reveals abuse or neglect of a child or dependent adult may be occurring; you are a minor and share information indicating you are the victim or subject of a crime; or when a court of law subpoenas information.

Seattle Central counselors reserve the right to share relevant information with other counselors on the staff in order to maximize their professional resources and services to you. Otherwise, information may be shared only if you sign a release form which authorizes a release of information and specifies what can be released.

I have a disability. How do I receive assistance?

Students who have a learning, or other, disability may be able to get academic accommodations. You can get an appointment to see the Disability Support Services Counselor by calling 206.934.4183, stopping by the office in Room 1112, or going to the Disability Support Services web pages.

You will need to provide the counselor with documentation of your disability in order to receive a reasonable accommodation. Your meeting with a counselor will determine what academic assistance would be appropriate in supporting your success while at Seattle Central.

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