High School Programs

Get a head start on your college career

Running Start

You can get a head start on your college education while still in high school, and get on a fast track to reaching your ultimate career goals. Running Start gives qualified 11th or 12th grade students the opportunity to take credit classes at Seattle Central. You'll receive both college and high school credit for these classes, and tuition is paid by the state. Talk to your counselor about requirements. Learn More

Tech Prep

Tech Prep is a technical program, which will prepare you for high–demand jobs and enable you to get community college credit for approved high school classes, then continue on to the technical college program of your choice in the Seattle Community Colleges. You may enter the program as early as the ninth grade. For more information, talk to your counselor or career center specialist.

Earn your high school diploma

GED® (General Educational Development)

GED® classes prepare students to take the GED® exams in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Learn More

High School 21+ (HS 21+)

High School 21+ is a competency–based program for students with work or life experience that shows an ability to perform at the minimum level required for a Washington State diploma. Competency–based means demonstrating skills and knowledge. High School 21+ is offered at the main campus (1701 Broadway) and also at Seattle Vocational Institute, a satellite campus of Seattle Central. Tuition: $25 per quarter.

If interested, contact your former high school or school district and request an official transcript in an unopened, sealed envelope. Also, contact Debbie McLaughlin for more information 206.934.4142, Deborah.McLaughlin@seattlecolleges.edu.

How to enroll at the main campus (1701 Broadway)

New students must register before the quarter begins and attend an orientation. The orientation is 3 hours a day for 4 days and includes program information, assessments, testing, goal setting and registering for core classes. Tuition ($25) is for orientation; the classes you are placed in at the end of orientation are included in this tuition.

  1. Call 206.934.4180 to find out the date you can come in to register for orientation.
  2. Visit room BE3122 on the Seattle Central main campus. Bring a picture ID and $25 for tuition.
  3. Register for orientation.
  4. Pay the $25 tuition.
  5. Start attending classes on the first day of the quarter.
  6. Attend a High School 21+ information session on the first day. You will receive information about this during orientation.

How to enroll at Seattle Vocational Institute (2121 S. Jackson)

  1. Call 206.934.4950 to confirm the next Admissions Workshop – what date and in what room.
  2. Attend the Admissions Workshop, usually Wednesdays starting at 1 p.m. and lasting until 5 p.m.
  3. Bring your official, unopened transcript to the High School 21+ teacher.
  4. Meet with the teacher for an information session, Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in room 308.
  5. Reading/writing/math classes are in the mornings, and the specific High School 21+ portfolio class is Thursday afternoons.

High School Completion

The High School Completion Program provides students with opportunities to complete a diploma. The student must complete the process for admissions, submit an official high school transcript for evaluation, and complete the COMPASS placement testing to determine eligibility into the courses needed for high school completion. For information, call 206.934.5450.

For more information contact Basic and Transitional Studies.

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