Mission & Values

Seattle Central College promotes educational excellence in a multicultural urban environment. We provide opportunities for academic achievement, workplace preparation, and service to the community.

Core Values: Seattle Central is committed to creating a learning environment that is accessible, diverse, responsive, and innovative.


We provide:

  • Learning opportunities to students from varied backgrounds and circumstances
  • Direct and developmental pathways to instructional programs
  • A safe, healthy and barrier-free learning environment


We value:

  • Basic, general, professional–technical and continuing education
  • Different cultures, races, lifestyles and learning styles
  • Collaborative learning and decision-making


We promote:

  • Programs to reflect and anticipate community needs
  • An international focus in curricula and services
  • Integration of general and professional–technical education
  • Assessment and continuous improvement


We practice:

  • A holistic model of student growth and learning
  • Alternate teaching and learning methods
  • Technology–based instruction and services

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